Original Firmware

Here you can find the original firmware.
This is the Fiemware with your KAON Satreciver
was delivered.

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 Original Firmware
  AT-7010D HW-10.40.65SW-02.00.05 Download
  AT-7010DCI HW-10.41.65SW-02.00.05 Download
  KSC-570 HW-12.01.A5SW-13.05.03 Download
  SC-550ANV HW-12.03.A5SW-02.00.00 Download
  DSC-911A HW-12.03.A5SW-02.00.00 Download
  KSC-570 HW-12.C1.A5SW-13.05.03 Download
  KSC-570H HW-13.41.AD SW-13.05.03Download
  KSC-511H HW-13.41.6DSW-02.00.00 Download
  DSC-911U HW-13.42.65SW-02.00.00 Download
  DSC-911HU HW-13.42.6DSW-02.00.00 Download
  KSF-511 HW-16.00.A1SW-02.00.00 Download
  KSF-200S HW-16.80.91SW-13.05.03 Download
  KSF-230 HW-16.C0.91SW-03.05.01 Download
  KSF-511 HW-16.C0.A1SW-02.00.00 Download
  KTSC-570 HW-43.61.65SW-03.05.07 Download
  KTSC-570CO HW-43.61.65SW-03.05.07 Download
  KTSC-570 HW-43.71.65SW-03.05.07 Download
  KTSC-570CO HW-43.71.65SW-03.05.07 Download